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Azul(=hi,hello) dear friend, they’ve told me you’d like to learn Kabyle ! Well you’re in luck, I have created this site specifically for people like you, but I’ll warn you I don’t accept just anyone to attend my courses, I want movtivated and hard-working students. Indeed, a well sustained and continuous effort is necessary in learning a language, in fact it’s better to work 15 minutes everyday than 2 or 3 hours once every 2 weeks.

So my friend, if you are a motivated person and count on devoting atleast 15 minutes of your time everyday in studying the courses available on this site, than I welcome you amongst us and good learning.

I force no one to sign up on the site, nor introduce themselves on the forum, but if you do, it proves to me that you are a motivated person and support this site.
Your registration on our site will open many doors for you, notably the possibility to ask questions on the forum if you encounter any problems, you can even write up a course if you are great in kabyle so that you add it to the site,...etc.

The site is completely free, if you enjoyed the site and liked to thank me you can leave me a sympathetic message on the guestbook.

I have been blabbering for 2 minutes I forgot to introduce myself, I am "Moh" the author of this site, I am in some sort your teacherJ

Good Luck